Papa Track FAQs

Papa Track FAQs

How can I track my order?

You can track your order with Papa Track and watch it progress all the way from dough to delivery! Links to Papa Track become available to you after your order has been confirmed. You can find a link to track your order on the Order Confirmation page (the last page after you checkout), and in the email you receive confirming your order. Just follow that link to Papa Track.

Can I earn a discount by using Papa Track?

Yes! While you are on the Papa Track page, we have created fun memes for you to share on Facebook. When you share one of the gifs from Papa Track, a promo code for 25% off regular menu price on your next order will be revealed to you, and you can share the code with friends and family!

How does Papa Track work?

Papa John’s is committed to providing you with a seamless and transparent ordering process. When your order is confirmed by your selected store, Papa Track is notified and stays in constant communication with the store while they are making, baking, and boxing up your order. Once the order is ready for pick up, or on its way, another notification is sent to Papa Track. We provide an estimated time range to you initially, and then the status of each step is displayed on Papa Track as a fun animated gif as your order progresses from dough to delivery!

What are Delivery Alerts?

You can opt in on the Order Confirmation page to receive an alert via email or SMS/text when your pizza is on its way so you can plan accordingly. This is a one time notification, and you must opt in for each order to receive a Delivery Alert.