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How the Papa John's Groupon eGift Card Offer Works

What is the Papa John's Groupon eGift Card Offer?

When you buy a $25 Papa John’s eGift Card online through Groupon, you receive two Large 1-Topping Pizzas Free. This offer is only available online at in the U.S.

How long is the Groupon offer valid?

There are a limited number of $25 Papa John’s eGift Cards available through Groupon; the offer will be available only while quantities last. Papa John's is not able to estimate when all of the Groupons will be sold.

Can I purchase more than one $25 Papa John's eGift Card on Groupon to get the two free pizzas offer?

No, the offer is limited to one per person.

Purchasing And Receiving Papa John's eGift Card Groupon

How do I purchase Papa John's eGift Card Groupon?

To purchase the Papa John's Gift Card Groupon, go to and search for Papa John's. Click "buy" and follow Groupon's instructions to confirm your purchase. Once you've made your purchase, locate your redemption voucher - on the web at "My Groupons" and on mobile at "My Stuff" - and follow the redemption instructions to have your eGift Card and two Free Pizza codes emailed to you. Enjoy!

I purchased a Papa John's eGift Card Groupon. What do I do now?

Here's what to do after you purchase your Groupon:


  1. Log in to your account, visit "My Groupons," and locate and select your Papa John's Groupon voucher.
  2. On the web, click "Redeem Online." On mobile, click "View Voucher."
  3. Enter the email address used to purchase the Groupon offer, and click "Redeem."

    You will receive three (3) separate emails: One (1) with your Papa John's eGift Card, and Two (2) with a unique code for a free large 1-topping pizza.

  4. Go to your email inbox to retrieve your emails with the codes and then redeem at

    If you still cannot access/redeem, please contact Groupon support at and select your Papa John's Groupon order for support options.

At Papa John's:

  1. To redeem your eGift Card: select gift card as payment type, and then enter your 19-digit eGift Card number and 4-digit PIN.

    Your eGift Card is redeemable at US Papa John's locations, online or in-store.

  2. To redeem your free pizza: enter the Free Pizza promo code in the "Enter Promo Code" field.

    Free pizzas are valid for online redemption only and can be used in separate orders.

Is my Groupon voucher the same as my eGift Card number?

No. The Groupon voucher is a separate ID number that you must redeem in order to receive your Papa John's eGift Card number and your two unique promo codes for free pizzas. These will be sent in a separate email by The Groupon voucher is provided by Groupon.

What if I don't receive my eGift Card or Free Pizza promo codes

First, check your spam folder. Some email service providers, such as Yahoo and Gmail, direct these emails to either spam or promotional folders. If you still have not received the email, contact Groupon at

What if I don't get all three emails?

Gmail and possibly other email service providers may truncate the Free Pizza promo code emails, so make sure that you look closely at the first email that you receive. The emails could also land in your spam, social or promotions folders. If you don't receive all three emails, please contact Groupon Customer Support at

How do I get my two (2) Free Large 1-Topping Pizzas when I buy a $25 Papa John's eGift Card from Groupon?

After you redeem your Groupon voucher, you should receive your eGift Card and Free Pizza promo codes in three separate emails to the email address you provided at time of purchase.

I purchased an eGift Card from Groupon and did not receive the emails with the Free Large 1-Topping Pizza promo codes, what do I do?

First, make sure that you redeemed your Groupon voucher. If not, go to "My Groupons." If you are on the web, click "Redeem Online." If you are on a mobile device, click "View Voucher." If your Groupon voucher was redeemed, check your spam folder for the emails from

  • If you have difficulty accessing/redeeming your eGift Card and Free Pizza promo codes, please consult redemption FAQ.
  • If you still have not received the email and/or cannot access/redeem, please contact Groupon support at and select your Papa John's Groupon order for support options.

How To Redeem Your Free Large Pizza Promo Codes

How long do I have to redeem my Free Large 1-Topping Pizza promo codes?

You have until January 22, 2017 to redeem the promo codes from the Groupon offer.

Where do I redeem my Free Large 1-Topping Pizza promo codes?

The Free Pizza promo codes must be redeemed online only at They cannot be redeemed in restaurants, in person, or by phone. If you present the promo code at a restaurant, you will be instructed to redeem the promo code online.

Do I need a Papa John's online account to redeem my Free Large 1-Topping Pizza promo codes?

Yes, you must have a Papa John's online account in order to redeem your Free Pizza promo codes. If you do not have one, you will be prompted to create a free account.

I'm at the website. Where do I enter my promo codes?

Enter the promo code in the field that states "Enter Promo Code" in the upper right corner of the page at After entry, click "Apply" and follow the onscreen instructions.

I received a promo code with spaces in it. Do I need to include spaces in the promo code when entering in the "Enter Promo Code" field?

No. Enter the promo codes without spaces when redeeming your Free Pizza promo codes online at

Can I redeem the promo code from mobile devices?

Yes, you can redeem the promo code through the Papa John's app or at on any mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

What are the terms and conditions of the Free Large 1-Topping Pizza offer?

Following are the terms and conditions of this offer:

  • Expires 1/22/17.
  • Redeemable online only in the U.S.
  • No double toppings or extra cheese.
  • Customer responsible for all applicable taxes.
  • May not be valid with some discounts or offers.
  • Multiple promo codes may be redeemed in a single order.
  • Delivery fee and delivery minimum may apply. To avoid fees or a minimum delivery order, order must be placed as carryout and picked up by customer.
  • Other conditions may apply.
  • Papa John's is not responsible for lost, misplaced, unretrieved or unredeemed promo codes.

The Free Large Pizza promo code doesn't work. What do I do?

There could be a few reasons why you cannot redeem your promo code:

  • Check to make sure that you are logged into your account. If you are, re-enter the promo code in the "Enter a Promo Code" field correctly. You can copy and paste the promo code from the email.
  • If you received the error message "Exceeded the Maximum Allowed Usage," then the promo code has already been redeemed. For further assistance, please visit

What if I don't redeem my Free Large Pizza promo codes on or before 1/22/17?

Unfortunately, the promo codes expire on 1/22/17. If you do not redeem the promo codes, you forfeit the bonus free large pizzas that you received with your purchase from Groupon.

Once the emails have been delivered and viewed, Papa John's is not responsible for lost, undeliverable, misplaced emails for the free pizza promo codes.

For questions about redeeming your eGift Card refer to general Gift Card FAQs.