PayShare Lets Anyone Pitch In On the Pizza

It's This Easy:

  • Place an order for your group and pay for it.
  • Click on the PayShare button on the Papa John's order confirmation page.
  • Choose friends that are sharing the pizza. You decide if it’s an even split, or who pays what amount.
  • Then, a notice is sent with the amount they owe. Once your friends hit “accept,” you get paid back.

PayShare is powered by Venmo. Payments on Venmo are easy to make, free when using your Venmo Balance, bank account, or major debit card, and secure. Payments using a credit card or non-major debit card require a small fee. Receiving money through Venmo is free. Setting up a Venmo account is quick and easy. Simply create a user name and password, provide some info, and choose your payment method.

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