Better Ingredients for a Better Planet.
Sustainability & Transparency

As a global restaurant company, Papa John's recognizes its responsibility to conduct business in a way that protects the environment whenever possible.

We understand that the long-term well-being of society, as well as the well-being of our team members, franchisees, and the continuing success of our business depend on our commitment to a sustainable environment.

Some of our efforts include:

  • We have reduced the use of paper at our corporate office through web-based and on-line technology.
  • We have increased the recycling of cardboard, corrugated paper and other similar products at our corporate office as well as our restaurant and commissary operations.
  • Made in the U.S.A., our boxes are produced from 100% natural fiber and have received "Certified Sourcing" from the Sustainable Initiative, which integrates the protection of wildlife, plants, soils and water with a continuous fiber supply for future generations.
  • Over the past several years, we have invested several million dollars to improve the efficiency of our restaurant and commissary operations, which has significantly reduced the use of fuel, natural gas and electricity.
  • We continue to work with our suppliers to reduce the use of fossil fuels and other natural resources.
  • Our purchasing decisions are based on supplier performance, which includes evaluations of food safety, quality and costs.
  • Finally, Papa John's and its franchisees are very active in local charities to assist in the improvement of the lives in communities where we live and work.
California Transparency in Supply Chains Act

The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act requires each retail seller and manufacturer doing business in California to disclose its "efforts to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from its direct supply chain for tangible goods offered for sale."

Papa John's condemns slavery and human trafficking whenever and wherever they may occur, and we support the goals of the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act. We strive for the highest standards of integrity and human rights in all of our business activities, including our supply chain. Our standard agreements with suppliers require each vendor to comply at all times with all applicable laws, rules and regulations in performing its obligations under the supply agreement, and mandate that each product sold to Papa John's will meet all applicable quality standards, including good manufacturing practices requirements applicable wherever the product is manufactured, produced, distributed, transported or stored.

In addition to these requirements, which include supplier audits, and as part of our ongoing effort to achieve and improve our standards of high quality and community responsibility throughout our business, we are incorporating into our standard supply agreements specific prohibitions against suppliers' use of forced labor or facilitation of slavery and human trafficking, including certification, verification and audit procedures, and ensuring company representatives receive training to support those efforts.

Animal Welfare: Committed to the Humane Treatment of Animals

Our commitment to quality guides us in every area, and at Papa John's International, we are committed to the humane treatment of animals. We value our relationship with our suppliers and our shared commitment to animal welfare. Although Papa John's does not process, transport, own or raise animals, we encourage our suppliers to have the highest standards with respect to animal welfare.

Papa John's specifies that proper and humane animal welfare practices should be followed during every step of processing. It is also important that the safety and quality of the product not be affected by evidence of stress from poor stunning or treatment/handling practices. This is a prerequisite for engaging in business with our organization.

Our product specifications require that all suppliers comply with USDA regulations on the humane treatment of animals. We request that annual Animal Welfare audits are conducted by independent third party auditors, and that suppliers achieve an "Excellent" score. These audits will be reviewed during supplier visits by Papa John's personnel. In addition, we encourage our suppliers to go beyond these requirements and investigate alternatives to current farming, transporting and processing practices that would result in higher quality animal care. Many of Papa John's suppliers do not directly own, raise or transport live animals; therefore we require that all suppliers to Papa John's also require that their suppliers comply with USDA regulations on the humane treatment of animals.

Papa John's is committed to reviewing our animal welfare policy regularly. As new information becomes available through scientific research, industry standards, and regulations, we will update our policy and work with our suppliers to ensure the highest standards are in place with respect to animal welfare.

Sow Pregnancy Pens

We have consulted with our suppliers, and evaluated scientific and industry literature on this issue. We support the industry move away from traditional gestation crates and are encouraging our suppliers to explore alternative pregnant sow housing options. Our goal is to have significant movement to alternative housing by 2022, and we will seek suppliers who adopt a plan to implement this practice.