Papa John’s delivery driver tipped $700 during church service

Stephen Greenwell got a lot of attention recently after receiving a tip of more than $700!

Stephen delivered an extra-large pepperoni pizza and an order of breadsticks to the Nelson Christian Church in Bardstown, Ky. Little did he know that Pastor Mark Jones had ordered the pizza to be delivered during the service to help him illustrate his sermon on generosity.

When Stephen arrived in the middle of the sermon, the pastor called him up to the front of church and handed him $717 – the loose change from that morning’s collection.

During his six months of delivering pizzas for Papa John’s, Stephen has received some large tips – but none this big!

“It was pretty neat what happened to him,” said Gina Clark, general manager of Papa John’s on Chambers Boulevard in Bardstown. “He’s a great guy who goes above and beyond. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for somebody.”

The church’s generosity to Stephen was published in The Kentucky Standard newspaper and has been picked up by other news organizations in the area. What a great way to spread the word about the power of generosity!