Twenty-three years ago, the taste of Papa John’s pizza According to David Parnell, working as a Papa John’s delivery driver helped him raise a family and keep a roof over his head for the past 25 years. Since September 1994, Parnell has been a fixture at the High Point, North Carolina, Papa John’s store.

Parnell finds the job to be challenging and fun. “I enjoy the challenge of getting pizzas out on time and getting them to the customers as quickly as possible,” he said.

As one would expect, he gets to meet lots of new people and enjoys seeing his many regular customers, both of which make the job interesting.

When asked what he likes best about his job, Parnell said, “the regular customers we have and the team I work with.” He also finds that the job rewards him by seeing lots of people while making a living.

David Kapp, training general manager for the High Point Papa John’s, has worked with Parnell only a short time, but was quick to see his good sense of humor. “David has seen many people come and go over the years. He’s been through a lot changes and reminds me of that often,” said Kapp. “He is a pleasure to work with.”