This week, we’re continuing our series “Living Out Our Values.” We’re talking with general managers from all over the country to hear their stories and tell us how they live our new values in the stores every day.

“Whoever they are, for whatever reason they’re here, if they’re walking through my door, I want them walking into an environment where they can be happy.”

Nickesia Beatty, a general manager at store #474 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a perfect example of a leader at work. One of Papa John’s new company values, “Everyone Belongs” centers around the importance of inclusivity and is something Nickesia has used as a key to success from the beginning.

“I think Everyone Belongs is definitely most important,” said Nickesia. “Everyone does belong in my stores. Everyone is welcome. I try to make my store and the environment of it to be as welcoming as possible. I want, both my customers and my team members, to feel relaxed. I want them to be in a stress-free environment. Whoever they are, for whatever reason they’re here, if they’re walking through my door, I want them walking into an environment where they can be happy.”

Environment is a key part in branding the culture of Nickesia’s store. She takes pride in the inclusive atmosphere in her store. She wants to make the people who walk in smile because that’s what they do for her.

“My people make me excited to come into work each day,” said Nickesia. “That’s how I stay motivated, and that team spirit is how I keep them motivated.”

Nickesia is all about the Papa John’s team. She started with the company in 2004 when she was just 16-years-old. She’s learned a lot and she’s gained even more during her time with Papa John’s.

“The friendships I’ve made over the years are the reason I’m happy to stay,” said Nickesia. “Again, my people are everything. I’ve done this for so long, and just everyone I’ve met and gotten to know has made it fly by.”

People and pizza -- those are the two things all these stories lead to. The love for them is the foundation and the blueprint for all the new values. Nickesia is no different. She loves our pizza too.

“Pepperoni has to be my favorite,” said Nickesia. “It’s just a classic. There’s nothing on this earth that can beat it.”

Nickesia’s success in Papa Johns can easily be measured by her stores and how she’s doing one of the most important things a leader can do: she’s training others to follow in her footsteps.

“When one of my managers is running their shift, they’re running their shift,” said Nickesia. “Even if I’m there, they are in charge. I want them to feel self-sufficient and that they are in control. Remembering to give them responsibility is important. I don’t want to give them stress by leaning over their shoulder all the time. If someone asks me a question during those times, I always refer them to the manager-on-duty. It’s their shift, I let them run it.”

Nickesia knows what circumstances people work best under and she does her best to help them make their shift the best that it can be without being overbearing.

“It’s always important to help out wherever I can, however I can,” said Nickesia. “I think my job as general manager is to take care of them and take the stress off them. If I can make their life easier, it makes my life easier.”

Nickesia is a true leader. She understands that helping each other and having the humility to work alongside everyone is not only important to survive; it’s important to succeed.

Make sure to stay tuned next week for more amazing stories like Nickesia’s as we continue to hear from general managers and how they’re living our better values for a better tomorrow.