This year, Les Elfrank will hit a major milestone – 25 years as a Papa John’s delivery driver in St. Charles, Mo. Les remembers coming to Papa John’s all those years ago, hoping he could land a full-time delivery position — which he did. “I’ve always liked to drive; I’d rather be on the road than inside,” he said.

All these years later, he still likes to drive, and he is still a loyal Papa John’s employee. “They treat everyone fairly; there’s no favoritism,” said Les.

He is grateful for the opportunity to work full time and have a regular route, and he appreciates that Papa John’s management works with him on his schedule, allowing him to work two jobs. “It’s hard in today’s world to make it with just one job,” he said.

According to Les, working at Papa John’s is “pretty straightforward,” which is another thing he likes. Management keeps an eye on things, which keeps everything running smoothly and safely, he said.

As one would expect, Les has seen and experienced a lot during his time as a delivery driver. He remembers times that he was able to help others, as well as instances when his customers offered him a helping hand. “I’ve jumped a few peoples’ cars and let some use my phone if their car was broken down. Sometimes the schools, churches and even some of the businesses help carry in the pizzas,” he said. Once, he even received a $125 tip!

Store general manager Cody Hoffman knows Les well, as they’ve worked together for 11 years. “Les is a very hard worker and has a great attitude. He always helps others out when needed,” he said.

Reflecting on years past and what he would say to someone applying for a job with Papa John’s, Les said, “It’s a good place to work. Whatever your interest outside of work, you get more time off to enjoy life.”