Did you hear? We’ve partnered with Capital City, a family-owned small business based in Maryland, to serve up sweet and spicy mambo sauce wings and chicken poppers at participating Papa John’s locations in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

At Papa John’s, we’re passionate about supporting and uplifting local franchisees and business owners.  We’re confident that we can continue to create greater access to opportunities one Papa John’s at a time. We are in communities large and small, and proud to be partnering with Capital City founders Charles and Arsha Jones to introduce Mambo Sauce, an important part of D.C. food culture, to our product line.

The Jones family has grown this home-based business into a successful company, providing access to a beloved product from their childhood to people around the world, including our own Papa John’s customers in the DMV.

Visit Capital City’s website for a list of Papa John’s locations where the mambo sauce wings, poppers, dipping sauce and bottles are sold.