Terms & Conditions

Papa Priority

  • At Papa John’s, we always strive to deliver your pizza in a safe and timely manner. However, we recognize that there might be some situations where you would like your pizza a little faster on busy nights when there might be a longer wait due to the number of orders at the restaurant. For an extra fee, that may vary based on date, time, or Papa John's sole discretion, PapaPriority will ensure that your pizza is made faster and out for delivery sooner, subject to the terms and conditions below.
  • PapaPriority only applies to a pizza you order directly from Papa John’s and pay the PapaPriority fee in addition to the applicable delivery fee.
  • PapaPriority moves your order to the front of the line so that it is made faster and therefore, ready for delivery sooner. These changes only involve in-store processes and do not affect the on-the-road delivery function or time. Papa John’s delivery drivers are always expected to make deliveries in a safe manner after leaving the restaurant.
  • PapaPriority does not guarantee that your pizza will be delivered within a set time period or that delivery will be faster than normal. There is no cash alternative or refund available.
  • PapaPriority is only available at participating restaurants and may be discontinued at anytime. PapaPriority is limited to five orders total each night for each restaurant location. Papa John’s reserves the right to modify or cancel this promotion at anytime.