Choose Your Crust

At Papa John’s, we know the crust is one of the best parts of the pizza. That’s why we give you a variety to choose from.

garlic parmesan crust pizza
Garlic Parmesan Crust

The first ever innovation on our original crust. Garlic parmesan crust comes with our famous Garlic Sauce and artisan Parmesan-Romano cheese baked right into the crust.

original crust pizza
Original Crust

Our original crust is made with our classic dough recipe. It’s fresh, never frozen, and made with 6 simple ingredients.

thin crust pizza
Thin Crust

We bake our thin-crust pizza just long enough to give it the crunch you’re looking for. It’s the perfect balance between fresh-baked taste and texture.

gluten-free crust pizza
Gluten-Free Crust

We’re proud to offer a gluten-free pizza crust made from Ancient Grains flour. Our gluten-free crust is not recommended for customers with Celiac Disease. Pizzas may be exposed to gluten during the preparation process. See our Nutritional Information page for specific toppings that contain gluten.