Double Cheeseburger Pizza

We here at Papa John’s are so excited to bring back - for a limited time! - our popular Double Cheeseburger Pizza. It’s a fan favorite pizza for the fall, now available at a participating Papa John’s pizza restaurant near you. If you love the best cheeseburgers and you love the best pizza, you’ll love this unique menu item, as like magic we’ve combined our best ingredients into the ultimate Double Cheeseburger Pizza.

If that’s not enough to have you clicking order now online on the Papa John’s website or ordering in the Papa John’s mobile apps, picture this: zesty burger sauce, sizzling ground beef, fresh Roma tomatoes, cheese made from mozzarella and, of course, dill pickles. All those toppings are baked on our fresh original crust. Now you don’t have to decide between cheeseburgers and pizza for lunch or dinner. Get both with the limited-time Double Cheeseburger Pizza from Papa John’s. Click Find Your Store to order your Double Cheeseburger Pizza or enter promo code BURGER on the homepage to get started!