Papa Johns Crispy Parm Pizza

What’s better than the cheesy goodness of a Papa Johns pizza you know and love? Well, let us introduce the Crispy Parm crust pizza. With a blend of Parmesan and Romano cheeses baked into our thin crust, this crispy combo is sure to add a unique texture that will delight your senses.

Customize Your Crispy Parm Pizza

Papa Johns is taking one of the most fundamental pizza ingredients and flipping it on its head, and what goes on top of the pizza is up to you. While the true shining star is the crispy cheese baked onto the bottom of your pie, you can customize it to your liking by adding any of our delicious toppings.

Order Crispy Parm Pizza Delivery or Carryout Today!

We flipped pizza night on its head! Whether you’re ordering for a game night, or looking for ways to spice up weeknight dinner, Papa Johns has you covered. Order for delivery or carryout online, through the Papa Johns app, or by calling your local restaurant today!