If you haven't found an order of wings you love, you must not have tried Papa John's and its mouth-watering selection. Papa John’s is open early and late to bring you delicious wings, ready to satisfy anyone's appetite. You can order for take-out or get chicken wing delivery until the late hours of the day. Pick up some to go with your pizza, or just have them alone. There are different types of Papa John's chicken wings to choose from so check them out today.

Unsauced Roasted Wings

Not everyone is a fan of spicy or tangy wings. When you search for "chicken wings near me," make sure you see what Papa John's has to offer, especially if you're looking for an option with no sauce. Papa's unsauced roasted wings are tender and fall right off the bone and melt away in your mouth. They come with a dipping sauce of your choice to enhance the flavor. To complement your meal, try a six-piece or an eight-piece selection. You can also get ambitious and try the 16-piece order. For larger parties, you can satisfy your crowd with the 24-, 32- or even 50-piece wings.

Buffalo Wings

Always a favorite, Papa John’s buffalo wings are on the spicy side to add a little kick. They have just the right amount of heat and are juicy at the first bite. You won't have any shortage of choices when it comes to dipping sauces. Ranch is always a popular one, but you can also go for blue cheese, barbecue, buffalo, honey mustard and garlic.

BBQ Wings

What's a party without some delicious BBQ wings? Papa John's knows how to do these right by adding the perfect amount of sauce—never bland but never too much. The sauce is tangy and laid on thick to make anyone's tastebuds happy. As with the other wings at Papa John's, you can pick from among several sauces and small, medium or large orders.

Chipotle Wings

A lot of places have BBQ wings and buffalo wings, but honey chipotle wings are a rarity—but not here. We can deliver oven-baked wings with a sweet chipotle sauce. These go great with just about any pizza. When you search online for "good chicken wings near me," make sure you let Papa John's take care of you. No matter what styles you like, we've got you covered.