Cheesy Burger

Cheesy Burger

You asked for it, so we brought back our cheeseburger pizza with even more ways to enjoy. Choose from the Cheesy Burger Pizza, Cheesy Burger Papadia, or Bacon Cheesy Burger Papa Bites, all made with sizzlin' beef, dill pickles, gooey cheese and burger sauce.

Included Toppings

Sizzlin' Beef
Fresh Diced Tomato
Crunchy Dill Pickles
Zesty Sauce
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Suggested ADD-ONS

Bacon Cheesy Burger Pizza
(+) Bacon​
Double Bacon Cheesy Burger Pizza
(+) Bacon​ (+) Canadian Bacon​​
4-Cheesy Burger Pizza
(+) 3 Cheese Blend
Cheesy Garlic Burger Pizza
(+) Garlic Parmesan Cheese Crust Modifier 

Prices for additional toppings may vary