An ideal franchise group or operator will…

  • Have $250,000 liquidity with an overall $750,000 net worth.
  • Have an entrepreneurial spirit, operations experience, and passion for the brand.
  • Have at least one partner with a business background and one partner with substantial restaurant or retail management experience.
  • Live in the area to be developed throughout the term of the franchise group’s existence and have prior management experience relative to the number of units to be developed.
  • Multi-unit development (5+ plus) is preferred.

A personal financial statement and resume must be submitted for each member of the proposed franchise group. Resume must be submitted for the principal operator candidate.

Traditional investment $188,615 - $975,415

  • $25,000 franchise fee
  • 8% marketing fund fee (local & national)
  • 5% royalty, net sales

Non-traditional investment $101,500 – $405,865

  • $5,000 franchise fee
  • 5% regular non-traditional royalty
  • 6% small town non-traditional royalty
  • 25% of traditional marketing fund fee (local & national). Such amount included in small town non-traditional royalty payment.