18-year-old Sienna Williams, who works at store #2565 in Clarksburg, Maryland, is facing a tough decision as she winds down her high school career. She’s been accepted into seven of the eight Ivy League schools including Harvard, Yale, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, University of Pennsylvania and Princeton. For the record, she was also waitlisted at the eighth one, Dartmouth.

Sienna wants to study astrophysics, with the ultimate goal of becoming an astronaut. That’s why she’s currently leaning heavily toward another prestigious institution where she’s been accepted, Massachusetts Institute of Technology or M.I.T.

She earned a 1500 on her SAT exam and maintains a 4.75 GPA. On top of her academic achievements, she was also varsity captain of three sports including basketball, softball and soccer. Sienna still finds time to work part time at Papa John’s. She says she’s proud of how she’s balanced school, sports and a job.

“I wanted to take on the challenge of time management,” Sienna says. “Plus, I knew I was heading off to college next year, so I wanted to save some money.”

During her summer 2018 internship at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, she noticed a Papa John’s store right across the street. She requested to transfer to that location, so she could more conveniently head to work right after her internship wrapped for the day.

Sienna spent the summer working 20-22 hours as part of the Papa John’s team, in addition her 40 hours a week spent working on a project focusing on satellite communication at NASA.

She says being a part of the Papa John’s family has been a great first job experience and has taught her a lot about working with a team and balancing her time, skills that she was proud to showcase on her many college applications. It’s a path she’d recommend to other students.

“It’s a good idea to get a part time job. It shows you can work hard. I’m glad I did it.”