What does it mean to be a Papa John’s franchisee right now?

OPCON 2018

Hundreds of us came together for our annual Operations Conference (OPCON) in Colorado Springs, CO last week to answer that question.

First, as I heard from so many of our franchisees – whether on panel discussions or during breakout sessions – we have to get this brand reboot right for the people that make up the Papa John’s family. There are 120,000 people that count on this brand. We need to continue to move forward together and take actions that will build a stronger company.

To that end, OPCON 2018 was also about coming together and recognizing the important work that our people are doing worldwide, including our brand ambassadors:

  • David Freeman, a delivery driver based in Louisville, Kentucky, who organized a Papa John’s fundraiser to assist with medical bills for cancer patients;
  • Jennifer Dianne Guffey, a general manager in Paris, Tennessee, whose fundraising efforts support local schools, bands, churches, youth missions and sports teams;
  • Marco Parker, a general manager based in Del City, Oklahoma, who provides donations to service men and women to recognize their contributions to this country; and
  • Neil Ainsworth, a delivery driver based in Marion, Indiana, who donates pizza to families and the homeless that cannot afford a meal.  

Our people are what make the Papa John’s family special and going forward, we will be telling their stories to amplify the voices behind the brand and highlight the important work they do both in their restaurants and in their local communities.

Second, we are eager to reconnect with our customers. There are millions of people that love our pizza and we need to share what we stand for and give them new ways to engage with our brand. We are constantly evolving our technology to respond to customer preferences and improve their experience.

OPCON 2018 provided an opportunity for the Papa John’s family to come together around our renewed purpose of putting our people first. With the continued support of our franchisees, suppliers, vendors and team members, we’re confident and excited that, together, Papa John’s can successfully move forward.