Larry Barther wants to make sure that every delivery specialist he trains for Papa John’s is trained right. “It’s my responsibility to train them on the proper way to work the stores,” said Larry.

Larry has been with Papa John’s Quality Control Center in Garner, N.C., for seven years. He works as both a delivery specialist, and he trains new drivers.

Larry strongly believes that drivers are customer service representatives. “I work to give my customers the best service and the best product. That’s what they deserve,” he said.

After a friend told him what a good employer Papa John’s is, Larry decided to find out for himself. “When I interviewed with Papa John’s years ago, the supervisor wanted me to know everything about Papa John’s, including the challenges,” said Larry. “The supervisor told me that Papa John’s needed good people who help people. That made me more eager to work at Papa John’s because I’m a people person. I like helping people.”

Since day one, Larry noticed that Papa John’s has lots of good people. “I got a chance to meet some of these people, see what their values are and how hard they work,” said Larry. “They’ve got good people not just locally, but nationally.”

Last year, when Hurricane Florence made landfall on the Carolina Coast, Larry said it made his day when he was asked to drive the supply vehicle to accompany the Papa John’s mobile kitchen so they could cook for the hurricane victims. “We stopped in several communities along the way, and we made thousands of pizzas for three days,” said Larry.

It’s important to Larry that the company he works for gives back. “When you give back to the community, that’s what it’s all about,” said Larry. “I love that this company gives back to the community. That stole my heart.”