I was recently honored to represent Papa John’s as a board member at the 3% MiniCon in Washington, D.C., speaking at the closing panel on the topic “Women Where the Power Is.” The 3% Movement was started by Kat Gordon in 2012, who established the mission: “Until we came along, only 3% of Creative Directors were women. And very few were people of color. We're changing the ratio because the more varied the people who come up with ideas, the better the ideas will be.”

Preparing for this opportunity I read through all the material around what Papa John’s is doing in the area of diversity, equity, and inclusion. There was so much - from the stats around the diversity within the current board and executive team to the establishment of affinity groups and trainings to work in the community with Boys and Girls Clubs, Bennett College and The Papa John’s Foundation for Building Community. 

This work is critical because it results in better ideas, deeper conversations, and -- as study after study demonstrates -- better business. There’s ongoing work to do to get to equal representation, but it’s impressive to see the level of effort and focus Papa John’s places on progress with support from senior leadership.

Personally, I am proud to serve on the board as the fourth woman, on an all-women audit committee, a marketing committee with our esteemed brand ambassador Shaquille O’Neil, and the diverse leadership representing a unique set of skills and voices. Thank you to Madeline Chadwick, Anne Fischer, Chandra Jones, Christy Johnson and Lindsay English who were there representing the brand in full force.

Jocelyn Mangan
Papa John’s Board of Directors
CEO and Founder, Him for Her