This week, we’re continuing our series “Living Out Our Values.” We’re talking with general managers from all over the country to hear their stories and tell us how they live our new values in the stores every day.

Sarah Mapp, general manager of store #1630 in Atlanta, Georgia, shared her take on the importance of the value “Do the Right Thing” and how she uses this value to create a culture of family and support among her team.

“I think this value boils down to how we as general managers are setting an example,” said Sarah. “With the position we’re in, we’re the ones that our team members are going to look up to. They’re going to mirror whatever we do, so I think it’s important to value these for ourselves too.”

Sarah emphasized the importance of doing the right thing for her team by supporting them throughout the day. No matter how large or small the job is, Sarah is always ready to help her team.

“It is just really doing the small stuff for them that counts,” said Sarah. “I’m big on not asking them to do something if I wouldn’t do it myself. Like if it’s a rough shift and I have a driver who has an order but is really behind on dishes, I’ll help him by knocking out dishes. It’s just five minutes, but it’s that little stuff that really matters.”

By doing the right thing daily, Sarah has created a strong sense of family among all her team members. Together, they have created an unbreakable support system and created a culture of winning together.

“What makes me excited to come into work each day is my team,” said Sarah. “We’ve become a family unit. I know my people, and they know me. It makes me want to do better by them and do everything I can to create a better environment for them. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, but with us, it can be what you want it to be. A positive mindset can make even the worst shifts good.”

Over her eight-years serving Papa John’s, Sarah’s made many great friends and a lot of great memories. Some memories may not have as much charm as others, but there are a few that she always cherishes.

“I know it sounds weird, but I like the bad shifts,” said Sarah. “I like the shifts where we get absolutely wrecked because we get to go through it together. I think that’s where the family atmosphere comes from going through that and conquering that as a team. I just love the spirit of that. I also love the events we do like UGA football games and I especially love watching my people grow up and move up. That’s worth more than anything.”

What Sarah is really saying is that creating a team, creating a family is all about caring. It’s all about taking the extra step, going the extra mile to do the right thing.

Make sure to stay tuned for more amazing stories like Sarah’s as we continue to hear from general managers and how they’re living our better values for a better tomorrow.