Our “Living Out Our Values” General Manager series focuses on general managers from all over the country about how they live our new values in the stores with their teams every day.

Jared Avery, general manager of store #402 in Atlanta, Georgia, shared his favorite value “All for the Pizza Eater” and talked to us about how he lives this value in his job on a day-to-day basis.

He started his career at Papa John’s in 2005 as an 18-year-old, motivated by a friend that wanted Jared to work with him.

The value “All for the Pizza Eater” emphazies the importance of creating relationships with others through the love of pizza. Jared demonstartes this value in his stores each day with his relationships between his customers and his team.

“Customer service is everything,” said Jared. “They’re the reason for our business. They’re the reason for our jobs. They’re the reason I have a roof over my head and food on my table, so they should always be the priority in everything we do.”

“I think that’s really what defines the culture of my store,” Jared continued. “I try to repeat and emphasize that as much as I can during the hiring and onboarding process and even to all of my team members. It’s absolutely pivotal.”

It’s not always easy to ensure his team is 100% focused every day. However, Jared gave us some insight into how he inspires and motivates his team by using the value “Have Fun and Play to Win,” which emphasizes the importance of having fun with your team while working together to succeed.

“One of the ways I like to motivate my team members is by making it a game,” said Jared. “Rather than trying to just have them upsell because it's their job, I make it a competition, so it’s more fun for everyone involved.”

As a general manager, Jared has one of Papa John’s key roles in the company. It’s not always easy, but he says he remembers to stay calm and keep a smile on his face. He emphasized how a positive attitude can really affect your day even through moments of being overwhelmed or stressed to get all the orders out.

“Every day’s a good day if you let it be,” said Jared about his attitude coming into work each day. “Attitude affects everything especially as a general manager. If I come in with a bad mood, it doesn’t take long for that to trickle down and at that point, no one wants to be there. I try to walk in everyday with no baggage or expectations whether they’re good or bad.”

“It’s important to not let that stuff affect you or make you overwhelmed,” said Jared. “It’s important to keep smiling because getting frustrated isn’t going to help you make pizzas any faster.”

Jared takes great pride in his store and the culture he’s built. His love for pizza and his passion for people is what builds and sustains our brand.

“Without a good foundation, a house cannot stand, but with these new values and with the team we’ve built rallying behind them, our house cannot fall,” said Jared.