Papa John’s recently recognized Jeff Mount as one of its top delivery drivers in the nation for receiving a perfect average of 100 since December for the safety of his deliveries.

Drivers are scored according to information provided by the global positioning system (GPS) that’s embedded in their car topper, explained Jeff, who works at the West Pipeline store in Hurst, Texas. “We’re scored on acceleration, cornering, braking and speed.” After each delivery, Jeff and other drivers see how they’ve done on a screen in the store.

Jeff has been a Papa John’s delivery driver since May 2018. Previously, Jeff worked as a machinist, but retired due to illness. “I was driving around when something made me pull into the Papa John’s parking lot, and the rest is history,” he said. “The Lord puts me where he needs me to be.”

“Jeff has a wonderful attitude,” said Serena Martin, director of operations. “He has been known to come and help his team whenever they need it.”

In his spare time, Jeff ministers to people, both locally and across Europe, where he lived for seven years. He uses the Internet to keep in touch with those abroad.

According to Jeff, working as a delivery driver not only helps him supplement his income, but it enables him to connect with people while he’s driving around and sometimes offer a helping hand to those in need,” said Jeff.

On a few occasions, he’s even seen an opportunity to help people on the job. “Sometimes people are a little short and the circumstances are such and I help them out a little bit,” he said.