This week, we’re continuing our series “Living Out Our Values.” We’re talking with our general managers from all over the country to hear their stories and tell us how they live our new values in the stores every day.

"I love my job because of my team and just the atmosphere and environment we've created together. We are a team. If one of us falls, we know that we'll all fall together and pick each other up."

April Begley, general manager of store #274 in Lexington, Kentucky, shared how she “Has Fun and Plays to Win” and “Makes Today Better Than Yesterday” in her store every day.

“Those two values actually go together in a lot of ways,” said April. “I think if you’re playing to win then you are going to make today better than yesterday. It’s all about having a winner’s attitude. If you have that, you’re not going to accept just doing as well as you did yesterday.”

The value “Make Today Better Than Yesterday” centers around making a positive difference and holding yourself accountable to creating better results. April understands working at Papa John’s is all about life balance and works to keep her employees motivated starting with her positive attitude.

“You see it’s all about mentality, and that starts at the top. It trickles down from there really,” said April. “I’ve got to come into work each day with the energy of ‘Let’s Do This’ and the spirit of ‘Let’s Get Stuff Done.’ Whatever attitude I have, that’s going to trickle down to my managers and to all my team members.”

The value “Have Fun and Play to Win” emphasizes the importance of creating a fun atmosphere so that your team can succeed together. April stresses that sometimes a simple smile can be contagious. She consistently tries to create more fun by the little things she does for her team to help them succeed together.

“Having a go-getter attitude and positivity really go hand in hand,” said April. “That can look like a lot of things really, and it is thinking more about ‘we’ than ‘me.’ For example, whenever my drivers are working a long shift or a busy Friday or Saturday night, I usually have some packs of water and even some candy for them. It’s just all about keeping that spirit of winning and team alive, and that’s really what creates that.”

April’s actions demonstrate her passion and love for her team through her humility and kind heart. She’s been working for Papa John’s for almost 11 years and has been at store #274 for over four years now.

“Yeah, I’m just one of those stories you hear about,” said April. “I started with Papa John’s as a driver right out of college, just applying and thinking that just maybe they’ll hire me, and it snowballed from there. I’m very happy with where I am with my team. I love Papa John’s, and I’m proud of our brand.”

After more than a decade, April is still all smiles on the job. She’s maintained excitement and passion in all that she does. When asked why, her answer was simple: the people.

“My team makes it easy,” said April. “I love my job because of my team and just the atmosphere and environment we’ve created together. We are a team. If one of us falls, we know that we’ll all fall together and pick each other up. Working in that kind of environment always makes my job so much easier. It makes me excited and pumped to come in every day.”

A love for Papa John’s comes from a love of both pizza and people, and April certainly loves both.

Our new values are centered around that love.

“My store’s culture is defined by that team spirit I mentioned earlier,” said April. “It is all about community and love and how we’re all in this together. That feeling is just contagious.”

Make sure to stay tuned next week for more amazing stories like April as we continue to hear from general managers and how they’re living our better values for a better tomorrow.