The Papa John’s team at the Pasadena store in Houston, TX.

I chose to franchise with Papa John’s because I always wanted to get into the food industry, and I wanted to be part of a company that was diverse and inclusive, with long-term stability. I always believed in Papa John’s and continue to be proud to work for the brand. Papa John’s represents more than just work for me, it is my family.

Joaquin de Rosa delivering pizza to Shawna Flores

In all of my stores, customer service is the top priority. I always tell my employees good customer service means treating customers the way you want to be treated. Good service creates a better customer experience and more engaging team members.

Joaquin de Rosa, a veteran driver who has been with Papa John’s in our Pasadena store in Houston, TX for more than 20 years, embodies just this. At 82 years old, Joaquin goes above and beyond. He doesn’t just focus on getting deliveries to customers on time with every piece of the order perfect, Joaquin takes the time to make sure we have the right amount and types of ingredients at the store so we’re always well-stocked.

Joaquin’s track record has earned our customers’ trust. Regulars ask for him because they know he gets their orders right. Just recently, we were amazed when one of our loyal, regular customers, Shawna Flores, left him a tip for $300 on an order under $40. We couldn’t believe the gesture, even when there was a photo of it! Our general manager, Maria Juarez, called Shawna to verify the tip, who said the token was an expression of gratitude and appreciation for all of the hard work Papa John’s employees put in every day, including Joaquin.

Our team members work hard and are proud to serve our communities in Houston. Shawna’s generous gesture is a reflection of the emphasis we put on giving our customers our best. It shows that consistent customer service goes a long way, and creates a better experience.