Papa Rewards Program


Here's how you redeem Papa Rewards:

  1. Once you have saved enough points for a FREE pizza, you may redeem them at any time! However, points earned on an order can only be redeemed the business day following your order completion. For example, if you place an order that earns you 4 points, those 4 points cannot be redeemed until a full business day after you have completed that order (and picked it up or had it delivered). So, if you set up a plan-ahead order for several days from now, you can only redeem the points earned on that order a full business day after you've completed and received that order.

  2. Once you've earned 25 Points we'll send you an email communication containing the promotion code 25PAPA. This will let you know your points are available for redemption. When you're ready to order your free pizza, simply login at, enter 25PAPA in the promo code field, and you're on your way to getting your FREE large three-topping pizza!* Once your order is complete, we'll subtract 25 Points from your account, and you can start working toward your next free pizza.

  3. You can earn and redeem as many points as you like.
If you live in Canada, please visit the Canadian Papa Rewards page
for program info. Click Here For Terms & Conditions
*Delivery charges and other fees may apply

Papa Rewards