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Nutrition - Better Ingredients for a healthier you.

Eat What You Love

What makes us different? We strive to be the best: Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. It’s this vision that pushes us towards perfection. We have made and continue to make investments in our food so you continue to get the finest quality pizza.

Our vision steers us clear of using products that don’t benefit you. That means no trans fats, no MSG, no fillers, no BHA, no BHT and no partially hydrogenated oils.

We also offer tons of extras like a variety of dipping sauces to enjoy with your pizza and more “occasional indulgences” that, like everything else, should be enjoyed in moderation. We always encourage our customers to make the right choices in exercise and lifestyle so that you can enjoy our better pizza to the fullest.

Click HERE to see our ingredients. We want you to have access to information important to you because the more you know about our ingredients, the more informed your pizza choices will be.


Specialty Pizzas