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The Making of a Better Pizza. - Better Ingredients

Better Ingredients. Always had them. Always will.

That’s the core of what we do, our vision. Providing you with the best pizza is what drives us and it's why we invest more than many others in the industry in our effort to consistently deliver superior pizza and superior service.

We are constantly challenging ourselves to seek out better ingredients. From searching the globe for the freshest produce: pepperoncinis from the Mediterranean, olives from areas like the Herrera region of Spain and vine-ripened tomatoes carefully grown on farms in California’s central valley, to fostering innovation that leads us to add specialty foods and remove unwanted and unnecessary ingredients.

The return on our investment? You’ll taste it every time you bite into our delicious pizza.

In 1984, Papa John’s opened its doors with one goal in mind: Better Pizza. We knew that with better ingredients we would create better pizzas. That goal and the promise of “better ingredients, better pizza” remain true to this day.

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a. Ninety percent of our olives are grown in Spain’s famous Herrera-area groves that consistently produce superior-quality, Fancy-grade olives. Our supplier in Spain is the first producer of both ripe and green olives in the world to be awarded the ISO 9002 Quality Certification.
b. 100% real cheese made with high-quality mozzarella cheese.
c. Our vine-ripened tomatoes are grown in the rich, fertile valleys of California.
d. Our whole Pepperoncini Peppers are grown and packed in the Mediterranean region in our tangy brine.
e. Specialties cheeses from Wisconsin.

Better Ingredients International Map

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