Qualifying for a FREE PIZZA

What is the SUMMER offer?

It is an opportunity for our online customers to get a free large pizza with up to three toppings on a future order by using the special promo code SUMMER and ordering $15 or more at between 6/19/13 and 6/30/13. This offer is valid at participating U.S. restaurants only.

Is a account required to participate?

Yes. You are required to have a account to use the promo code SUMMER. If you do not have an account, you will be prompted to create one.

How do I place an order using the SUMMER promo code?

To use the SUMMER promo code, you must place your order of $15 or more at There are two ways to redeem the promo code:
  1. Type the promo code SUMMER into the promo code box on the Order Now, Special Offers, or the checkout pages.
  2. Or, click on the SUMMER offer “Order Now” link featured in emails and on the website.

Do I have to enter the promo code SUMMER before I place my order?

Yes. You MUST enter the promo code SUMMER before you place your order to receive the 25 Bonus Papa Rewards points deposit. If you do not, you WILL NOT receive the bonus point deposit.
However, if you click on a link from either the home page or an email, the promo code SUMMER will automatically apply, and it is not necessary to re-enter the promo code SUMMER. The promo code is embedded in the URL so that you don't have to worry about manually entering the code in the promo code box at the website.

What if I don't use the promo code SUMMER?

We are sorry, but only orders placed at with SUMMER are eligible receive the 25 Bonus Points.

What if the promo code SUMMER does not work?

Please call Online Support at 1-877-547-PAPA (7272) for assistance or send an email to

Why can't I place the order by phone or in-person?

This is an online promo redeemable at only.

How many times can I participate in the SUMMER offer?

You may redeem the SUMMER promo code only one time per account between 6/19/13 and 6/30/13.

What is the minimum order amount to get the free pizza?

The minimum purchase amount is $15 to qualify for the free pizza.

When does the qualifying order of $15 or more have to be placed?

The qualifying order must be placed at between 6/19/13 and 6/30/13.

Why can't I get the 25 Bonus Points for any order?

The 25 Bonus Points deposit is triggered by using the promo code SUMMER at This is the only way to receive the 25 Bonus Points which are redeemable for a FREE large pizza with up to three toppings. The offer does not apply to past or other $15 or more orders placed without using the promo code SUMMER.

Redeeming the FREE PIZZA

Once I place my qualifying order, how do I get my FREE PIZZA?

Twenty-five (25) Bonus Papa Rewards Points are automatically deposited into your Papa Rewards accounts the day AFTER the completed qualifying order. The earliest day that points will be deposited is on Thurs., 6/20. The last day points will be deposited is on Tues., 7/1.

What if I am not a Papa Rewards member?

If you have a account but are not enrolled in Papa Rewards, you will automatically be enrolled by using the promo code SUMMER. If you do not have an account, you will be enrolled when you create an account.

How soon can I redeem the points for a FREE PIZZA?

You can redeem the bonus Rewards Points on the same day after the points are deposited into your account or a future date as long as it is on or before 7/7/13.

What if I want to order the FREE PIZZA as a plan ahead order?

You can use your points for a plan ahead order as long as you place the order to be delivered or picked up during the time that the Bonus Rewards Points are available which is on or before 7/7/13.

How long do I have to redeem the 25 Bonus Points?

You MUST redeem the 25 Bonus Points for the free pizza no later than 7/7/13.

How do I redeem the 25 Bonus Points for a FREE PIZZA?

Use the promo code 25PAPA to redeem the 25 Bonus Points for a FREE large pizza with up to three toppings on or before 7/7/13. The promo code must be entered in the “Have a promo code?” box at

Can I add additional toppings to my FREE PIZZA?

Absolutely. You can add other favorite toppings including extra cheese, but additional charges may apply. Check your online menu for additional topping pricing.

Can I redeem the FREE PIZZA and add other products?

Yes, this offer can be used with some special offers and promos.

Do I have to pay a fee to have the FREE PIZZA delivered?

Yes, you are responsible for any delivery fee for the delivery of the FREE PIZZA.

Will I lose the 25 Bonus Rewards Points if I don't redeem them?

Yes. If you do not redeem the SUMMER bonus 25 Papa Rewards Points from the time the points are deposited and 7/7/13, you will lose the bonus Rewards points if they are not redeemed by end of day on 7/7/13. Your Papa Rewards Points balance will be adjusted on Monday, 7/8/13.

General Promotion Question

Will I lose my earned Papa Rewards Points?

No. Any Papa Rewards points that were earned as part of the general Papa Rewards program will not be removed. These points will remain in your accounts until they are redeemed. Only the BONUS Rewards points will expire.

Will I receive promotional emails from Papa John's?

We only send promotional emails to Papa John's customers who have opted in to receive such emails. We abide by CAN-SPAM laws.