Nutritional Info/Allergen FAQs


At Papa John's, the health and safety of our customers is a top priority. As part of our ongoing commitment to quality, we want to provide you with the most current information available about our menu items and common allergens. Click here to view Nutritional information | Click here to view Allergen information.

To help you make informed menu choices, below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding our food and the most common allergens – peanuts, egg, dairy, soy and more.

Is your dough really fresh, never frozen? Does it contain gluten?

At the foundation of our original pizza is our fresh, never frozen dough. Our original proprietary dough comes to our stores fresh from our dedicated quality control centers where it's made. We store it in coolers in the stores for just the right amount of time to let it proof and rise. When the dough is ready to use, we hand-toss it to order. We don't add "dough-conditioners" like sodium stearoyl lactylate or mono and diglycerides. What we use is our own proprietary flour. Its high-protein, unbleached wheat flour made with purified water gives Papa John's original pizza dough its unique balance of flavor and its chewy, crisp crust. Because our thin crust and hand-tossed original crust are made from wheat, they do contain gluten.

Does your sauce contain artificial colors or flavors? Are there animal fats in your sauce?

Papa John's UNIQUE sauce is fresh-packed for our stores worldwide at two facilities in the fertile valley of California, which produces some of the most robust flavorful tomatoes in the world. These facilities incent their growers to produce higher quality tomatoes by paying a premium for certain attributes that we've determined to be important to make our sauce taste better. The tomato products in both of these facilities are packed from fresh tomatoes -- about six hours from the time they are picked. Our fresh-packed sauce is not re-manufactured from tomato paste. Further, our sauce is minimally heated to retain maximum flavor, as opposed to re-manufactured sauces that are subjected to more flavor-damaging heat. To further protect the quality of Papa John's sauce, we pack and ship it in a more expensive #10 steel can (versus packing it in plastic pouches). Papa John's fresh-pack can process protects the flavor of our authentic, real tomato, tomato sauce.

We do not use animal fats, high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, or artificial flavors in our sauce—we do use fresh-packed tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, some sunflower oil, spices, and a little salt and sugar.

Do your meats contain fillers?

We spend a lot of time and money ensuring that the meats that go on our pizzas truly are "better." Our sausage and beef contain no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or bulking agents like TVPs or cornstarch, which is why we can say "real sausage" and "real beef," not sausage "topping" or beef" topping," which indicate the use of fillers. Our 100% all-white chicken breast is free of artificial flavors, colors and preservatives, made with our proprietary marinade of spices and some soy protein, like that found in many high-protein health bars.

Does your cheese contain animal-derived enzymes?

The primary cheese on Papa John's pizzas is crafted from 100% Mozzarella and made with high-quality skim milk and does not contain animal-derived enzymes. Our six-blend cheese combination, which is made with five additional 100% aged Wisconsin cheeses, including Parmesan, Romano, Asiago, Provolone and Fontina, does contain animal-derived enzymes. Our cheeses have a minimal amount of preservatives to maintain freshness and to ensure consistency and quality across our many restaurants.

Do you use preservatives on your vegetables?

Our fresh vegetables – onions, green peppers, Roma tomatoes and mushrooms – are not treated with any preservatives. Our canned vegetables – pepperoncini peppers, jalapeños and banana peppers – contain sodium metabisulfite and sodium benzoate, which are used as preservatives.

Our green peppers, onions and Roma tomatoes are shipped multiple times per week from our distribution centers. We take the time to ship frequently every week to ensure our vegetables arrive at our stores as fresh as is possible. All of our vegetables are hand-sliced daily in each of our restaurants, with the exception of our Portabello mushrooms that arrive at our stores pre-sliced. All of our vegetables arrive fresh; they are never frozen or vacuum packed.

Special to Papa John's, too, is our olives. Ninety percent of our olives are grown in Spain's famous Herrera-area groves that consistently produce superior-quality, Fancy-grade olives. Our supplier in Spain is the first producer of both ripe and green olives in the world to be awarded the ISO 9002 Quality Certification.

Why do you use a white pizza box instead of brown?

At Papa John's we invest millions of dollars annually to provide our unique white-on-white box that helps to protect our pizza from the taste of brown cardboard packaging. Our boxes are more expensive to make because we believe it's critical to have this important guard between our great-tasting pizza and the box that surrounds it. Papa John's unique box is just another way to ensure our pizza tastes great.

Do you have any vegetarian options?

Yes. The popular Papa John's vegetarian pizzas are the Garden Fresh pizza and Spinach Alfredo pizza. Don't forget, you can always build your own vegetarian pizza to your personal preferences.