About Papa John's

Papa John's Camaro Story

Founder John Schnatter's sacrifice has paid off, as Papa John's has rapidly grown into approximately 4,200 restaurants worldwide. But he always wondered what happened to his prized '72 Camaro Z28 that hadn't been seen since 1984. So, during the summer of 2009, John took to the open road behind the wheel of a replica '72 Z28 Camaro, very similar to the one he sacrificed, to travel nationwide and tell his story of how he's living and breathing the American dream…and also to find his beloved car that started it all.

Papa John has since been reunited with his beloved Camaro, and he gave the owner $250,000 just to get it back. Finally, John's two loves – his Camaro and delivering on his brand promise of "Better Ingredients. Better Pizza." have been reunited.

"My Z28 is a real-life, daily reminder that anyone can accomplish anything with a little hard work and sacrifice. Having my Camaro back helps me remember there is no substitute for hard work, faith and an insistence on delivering the very best pizza and service in the industry."